Research & Website Strategy

Digital Strategy

We believe there is much more to the digital marketing world than simply getting a website together. Strategy comes first!
A solid strategic foundation allows us to validate our creative and technical decisions, setting our projects up for success. 

Discovery Meetings

The discovery phase aims to gain a detailed understanding of your business and your end customer in order to build a solution that achieves your business goals. We listen, ask questions, and review everything we can about your business.

Website Auditing

We will review your existing website’s analytics and other existing data such as market research, customer feedback, surveys, etc. We will identify existing issues and develop recommendations.

Customer Research & Audience

One of the most critical considerations is understanding who we are creating digital solutions for and what problems need to be solved.

Market & Competitor Analysis

It is essential to consider the factors outside of your organization that might impact your success. We will recommend an assessment of your competitors and an evaluation of the marketplace from a digital perspective.

Goals & Evaluation

We work with you to define your goals for the project and set the key performance indicators (KPI) that will help evaluate the overall success of your digital presence.